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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Apple-Samsung Trial: An Unshakable Witness

ITWORLD CANADA CURATED: The California trial moves into its second week with a threat from the judge to both sides to cut down on the number of objections 
 This report details that on Monday a university professor who is also a product design consultant -- and witness for Apple -- that physically Samsung's Galaxy S 4G handset infrings on iPhone patents. Nothing Samsung's lawyer tried to do could shake him.
On the other hand,'s version of Monday's testimony draws out the fact that Apple paid the expert US$75,000. It also points out that Samsung is trying to show that Apple's designs may well have come from innovations made by others.
This followed Friday's testimony, outlined in this story, which recounts the testimony of both Apple and Samsung executives who hint at product inspiration. Also on Friday, the judge dismissed an Apple complaint that Samsung acted unethically in disclosing some non-admissible documents outside the trial.

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